A transformer is a device that changes high voltage electricity to lower voltages that are supplied to homes or residential buildings.

A transformer can be mounted on a utility pole or at ground level in green boxes - also known as pad-mount transformers.

Don't Touch Pad-Mount Transformers

Pad-mounted transformers contain high voltage electrical equipment.  For your protection, avoid making contact with or tampering with a pad-mounted transformer at ground level.  Also, never allow children to play on or near these transformers.

Pole-mount transformers should be treated in the same manner, as an overhead power line.  Always maintain a safe distance of at least 3 metres (10 feet) from any pole-mount transformer.

Keep Clear Access Around Transformers

If there is a pad-mount transformer on your property, please maintain a clear path in front of the pad-locked unit. 

Any obstruction like fences, shrubs, trees or sheds can:

  • Create safety risks to our crews trying to access the transformer
  • Delay service restoration during power outages
  • Cause problems during routine maintenance of equipment

Watch as Lucky the Squirrel finds out the hard way why you should never touch or tamper with electrical equipment.