Generator Safety

GrandBridge Energy (formerly Energy+ Inc.) has approved the installation of Meter Base Mounted Transfer Devices in the community. These devices provide a standby power solution to homes in the event of a power outage in your area. They can make connecting your home to a back up generator safe and easy.

Please submit a Request for Service for our Engineering Team's review and approval before installing this equipment.

To learn more about portable generator safety and certification requirements, visit our Portable Generator web page or the Electrical Safety Authority website

Approved Meter Socket Plug-In Transfer Devices 

All approved devices must have a certification to ULC Standard or UL1008M as per the ESA Bulletin DB-04-17-v1.  

Meter Socket Plug In Transfer Device

  • MA23-N 30 AMP Generlink - Non-Surge
  • MA24-N 40 AMP Generlink - Non-Surge
  • MA23-S 30 AMP Generlink with Whole House Serge Protection Built In
  • MA24-S 40 AMP Generlink with Whole House Serge Protection Built In


 Installation Process

 Step 1: Request a Service Layout
  • All required information is obtained by our Engineering Team and entered into our system. 
  • waiver must be signed by the customer. Please submit the waiver with your service layout application form. 
 Step 2: Review and Site Visit
  • The information provided by the customer or electrical contractor is reviewed by the our Service Technicians.
  • A site visit is scheduled by the our Service Technicians if required/requested.
 Step 3: Layout Issued
  • Once completed and approved by our team, the Service Layout is emailed to the electrician and/or customer. The layout will be required in order to book your disconnect/reconnect appointment with our Customer Care Team. 
  • Service layouts take approximately three (3) weeks from the request date to be prepared.
 Step 4: Book an Appointment 

An appointment will NOT be booked without the submission of a signed waiver 

  • The customer or electrical contractor contacts our Customer Care Team to book an appointment to disconnect/reconnect electricity to the service address.  Phone: 519-621-3530 or toll free 1-877-871-2215 Email: Customer Care
Step 5: Installation Day 
  • On the day of your appointment, a GrandBridge Energy Representative will disconnect the electrical service to the property. 
  • The licensed electrical contractor hired for the job will install the meter socket plug-in transfer device. 

GrandBridge Energy NOT authorized to install meter socket plug-in transfer devices. It is the customer's responsibility to select a licensed electrical contractor for the installation of such devices. We can not recommend a contractor.

  • Once the device is installed, the customer or contractor contacts the our Customer Care at 519-621-3530 or toll free at 1-877-871-2215 for a reconnect. The GrandBridge Energy Representative will reconnect the service to the property. 
  • Please be advised any reconnects called in after 3:30PM will be subject to an after-hours reconnect charge.  



Customer/ContractorGrandBridge Energy Inc.                                                 
The meter base must we rated 200A or higher.  Our Engineering Technician will visit the site to asses proper clearance for the transfer switch/generator installation.                                                                                                                
The licensed contractor will install and connect the transfer switch/generator to meter base. 

Our Engineering Technician will issue a layout for the transfer switch/generator installation to the customer/electrician.                                                          

The customer owned equipment must be approved by the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA).  Our representative will disconnect the service and remove the existing meter.                   
The installation can not obstruct doors, windows, traffic, driveways, or sidewalks etc. The customer will be required to pay for any damaged meters due to a transfer switch/generator installed at the property.  GrandBridge Energy will reinstall the meter and reconnect the service on site once the installation has been completed.