Farms can have overhead and underground power lines crossing the farm property. Even coming close to power lines with farm equipment, ladders, tree limbs can cause the electricity to jump between the wire and material that conducts electricity.

 Call Before You Dig
Electrical and other dangerous hazards are lurking everywhere underground. Never assume you know the location or depth of a cable, wire or pipe. Be smart, be safe and contact Ontario One Call to request a FREE underground electrical locate on your property.  More information about calling before you dig.
 Stray Voltage

Varying amounts of low-level voltage often exists between the earth and electrically-grounded farm equipment, such as metal stabling, feeders, or milk pipelines. The voltage that causes this small current is known as "animal contact voltage", "stray voltage" or "tingle voltage". Usually, these voltage levels present no harm, however, at high enough levels, these stray voltage may impact the health and behaviour of livestock.

The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) has published an informative guide for farmer's outlining how you can identify and mitigate stray voltage at your property. 

If you think you have a stray voltage problem affecting your livestock, or if you have any questions or concerns about the electrical service on your property, please submit a Farm Stray Voltage Reporting form, or contact our Customer Care Team.