Energy+ owns and maintains the electrical equipment, up to a point known as the demarcation point.  The property owner is responsible for maintaining and repairing equipment that is customer-owned, beyond the demarcation point - typically the mast and meter base attached to the home.

The image below indicates the demarcation point of Energy+ maintained equipment and customer-owned equipment. To learn more about demarcation points, please view our Conditions of Service

 Always Hire a Licensed Electrical Contractor to Assess the Situation and Make Repairs

Maintenance of Customer-Owned Equipment

In addition to the mast and meter base, if a customer has an overhead powerline on their property that they own, the customer is legally responsible to maintain the electrical equipment on the property – such as poles and overhead wires – in a safe manner and in compliance with  the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.  This includes safely maintaining tree growth and plant material around overhead powerlines to avoid potential electrical hazards.  ESA: Know Your Responsibilities - Privately Owned Powerline Assets

If you’re not sure how to determine ownership of the powerlines and related equipment, please Contact Us for more information.