GrandBridge Energy (formerly Energy+) owns and maintains the electrical equipment, up to a point known as the demarcation point.  The property owner is responsible for maintaining and repairing equipment that is beyond the demarcation point, including the mast and meter base attached to the property.

The image below indicates the demarcation point of our utility-maintained equipment and customer-owned equipment. 

 Always Hire a Licensed Electrical Contractor to Assess the Situation and Make Repairs

Maintenance of Customer-Owned Equipment

In addition to the mast and meter base, if a customer has an overhead powerline on their property that they own, the customer is legally responsible to maintain the electrical equipment on the property – such as poles and overhead wires – in a safe manner and in compliance with  the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.  This includes safely maintaining tree growth and plant material around overhead powerlines to avoid potential electrical hazards.  ESA: Know Your Responsibilities - Privately Owned Powerline Assets

To learn more about demarcation points, please view our Conditions of Service.  If you’re not sure how to determine ownership of the powerlines and related equipment, please Contact Us for more information.