In some cases, electrical equipment may belong to you. Typically, a homeowner's ownership of electrical equipment begins where the wires attach to their house. In some instances customers may also own hydro poles that these wires are attached to.

Energy+ owns and maintains the electrical equipment, up to a point known as the demarcation point.

What is a demarcation point?

This is the point where Energy+ maintained equipment ends and customer-owned equipment begins. It is the property owner's responsibility to maintain and repair equipment that is customer owned beyond the demarcation point.

Where is my demarcation point?

To learn more about demarcation points, you can view our Conditions of Service

How to Perform Maintenance on Customer-Owned Equipment

If customer owned equipment such as service mast, meter base or private poles is damaged, it is the homeowner's responsibility to arrange and pay for repairs.

Energy+ may have to temporarily disconnect your power if repairs are not performed and the equipment is deemed a hazard. A Licensed Electrical Contractor (LEC) should perform the repairs, do not attempt to repair this equipment yourself. Powerlines are very dangerous.

Once repaired, you can contact Energy+ to have your service reconnected.