We are committed to taking the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of all employees and contractors who are working on our jobs sites.

Our Health and Safety Policy is a statement of GrandBridge Energy's (formerly Energy+) commitment to provide a safe and healthy workplace.

Our Contractor Safety Program ensures that contractors who work with us are aware of their safety rights and obligations, as well as the importance of training on safety procedures and all potential workplace hazards. The process of bidding on projects is an essential part of our Contractor Safety Program.

Pre-qualification Package

Contractors who would like to bid on Energy+ projects should complete a pre-qualification package. Only those contractors whose packages are complete and submitted with the required information will be approved to bid on projects.

Our pre-qualification package requires submission of specific information and documentation, including the following:

  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Proof of staff training documents
  • Worker Safety Insurance Board clearances
  • Insurance information
  • Other documents to support your Health and Safety program

For more information, or to get a pre-qualification package, please contact our Purchasing Team.

Submitting Bids on Projects

Any time that we are starting new projects that will require contractors, the Purchasing Department will publish a Request for Proposal (RFP) to those contractors who have been pre-qualified using the above process.

Once proposals are received and evaluated, the Purchasing Department will notify the contractors. Situations where contractors need to receive more technical details on the project will be coordinated through the Purchasing Supervisor. Once the bid has been successfully rewarded to a contractor, they will be put in touch with the Energy+ Project Contact.