Before you dig a garden, build a fence, plant a tree, install a flag pole - be smart, be safe and contact Ontario One Call to request a FREE underground electrical locate on your property. 

Additional Time to Schedule/Complete Underground Locate Requests: We take pride in completing underground utility locates as quickly as possible. During Spring and Summer, we receive a large number of new requests for locates. Please plan ahead and give us a few weeks notice to schedule and complete your underground locate.

Don't Be Shocked ... Get A FREE Locate

Electrical and other dangerous hazards are lurking everywhere underground. Never assume you know the location or depth of a cable, wire or pipe.

The information you get back from Ontario One Call can help prevent costly repairs to underground cables and pipes, but most importantly it could save a life!  You can request your FREE locate service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Contact Ontario One Call at least two weeks before you start digging - even more time may be needed in the Spring!.

Telephone  1-800-400-2255



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