Look up and look out! Electricity is very dangerous. Make sure you stay safe around electrical power lines when working and playing outdoors.

Proximity to Power Lines

When undertaking outdoor activities - such as standing on a ladder trimming trees, cleaning eaves, remember you must keep your body and/or equipment at least 3 metres (at least 10 feet) away from overhead power lines.  More on Powerline Safety

Call Before You Dig

Electrical and other dangerous hazards are lurking everywhere underground. Never assume you know the location or depth of a cable, wire or pipe. Contact Ontario One Call to request a FREE underground electrical locate on your property.  More on Call Before You Dig

Trim and Plant Trees Safely

You are responsible for keeping trees trimmed on your property. This will go a long way in avoiding power outages due to trees contacting power lines.  Make sure you keep a safe distance away from overhead power lines. More on Tree Trimming and Planting

Temporarily Disconnect Power

Contact us to temporarily disconnect the power to your property when you are working on your electrical equipment, installing an EV charging station, upgrading your electrical service and maintaining customer-owned electrical equipment. This service is provided free of charge. More on Temporary Disconnects