Home and business owners may need to have electrical repairs done as a result of damage from severe weather or a power emergency. 

Here are the critical elements to ensure  electrical work is done legally and safely. 

Hire a Licensed Electrical Contractor

If you are hiring someone to do electrical work in your home or business, they must be a Licensed Electrical Contractor. General handymen and other unlicensed service providers cannot do electrical work in Ontario, unless they hold a License.

To search for a Licensed Electrical Contractor, go to the Electrical Safety Authority website and click on 'Find a Licensed Electrical Contractor in My Area."  Also, a Licensed Electrical Contractor is required to display their ESA/ECRA license number - ask to see it.

Electrical Permit Needed

An electrical permit needs to be taken out before, or within 48 hours of when the electrical work starts. If you're doing the electrical work yourself, you need to take out the permit. If you hire a Licensed Electrical Contractor, they must take out the permit.

Do NOT take out a permit on behalf of a contractor or anyone else.

To confirm permit requirements and to get your permit, call 1-877-ESA-SAFE (372-7233). 

ESA Inspection Required

Electrical Safety Authority's (ESA) Inspectors will review the electrical work, once you or your Licensed Electrical Contractor have completed the work.  If done in compliance with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code, ESA will issue a certificate of inspection. If your contractor took out the permit, get a copy of the certificate from them. Keep a copy for your records and your insurance company.

Reconnection of Power

Once the inspection is complete, ESA will advise GrandBridge Energy (formerly Energy+) that it is safe to reconnect power. We will then arrange for the power to be reconnected.