You could receive a severe shock, burn or even be killed if you touch or even come too close to an overhead or underground powerline.

Powerlines are VERY dangerous

It is VERY important to be aware of potential shock hazards associated with electrical distribution equipment like hydro poles, power lines, transformers and transformer stations.

Follow these tips to stay safe around power lines:

  • Keep away from electrical transmission and distribution lines. Always obey the safety signs. If a toy ends up inside a transformer station, Contact Us - don't try to retrieve it yourself. Never fly kites in a place where you can see power lines.
  • Look up when working near power lines. Before you start work, make sure you know where the power lines are. Always have a signaller - someone who can watch to make sure you stay a safe distance away - and remember, you don't have to touch a power line for it to hurt you. Electricity can jump or 'arc' from a power line to a metal object (like a ladder, pole, truck boom).
  • Call before you dig. Whether it's in your yard or on a job site, always make sure underground power lines and other utility equipment is well marked.
  • Watch for downed power lines. If you see one, stay back at least 10 meters (33 feet or the length of a school bus) and call 9-11 and Contact Us.

 Watch Lucky the squirrel find out the hard way why you should never touch a power line.  Stay 3-6 meters away from powerlines with your body and tools