Before starting any tree trimming, planting, digging around your property, we recommend you take important steps to stay safe around dangerous power lines.

Keep Branches Away from Power Lines

Tree branches can hit or fall on power lines and become energized, posing a danger to anyone who is nearby. We routinely trim trees in public spaces, and along low voltage power lines that connect to customer buildings, in order to help keep tree branches a safe distance from power lines. Have concerns about trees and power lines? Let us know by submitting an online Report a Tree Obstruction form.

Look Up, Look Out for Power Lines

  • Look up and locate overhead powerlines by keeping your body/equipment at least 10 feet or 3 metres away from powerlines.
  • Contact Ontario One Call before you dig to locate underground powerlines.
  • Plant trees, shrubs and landscaping away from power lines or access meters. Think ahead to how big plantings will grow as time passes. Follow municipal guidelines for planting.

You are responsible for trimming trees on your private property and this work should be done by a qualified contractor. Any planting and tree trimming work needs to meet Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) standards. 

Commonly-asked questions and answers for customers about trimming vegetation around customer-owned pole lines.

More on ESA's Guide For Planting Under or Around Powerlines and Electrical Equipment (.PDF) and Tree Trimming Around Powerlines (.PDF)

Contact Us to Power Off

To ensure your safety, we will disconnect and reconnect your electricity, if you are trimming trees on your privately owned property. This service is free of charge during normal business hours. If the disconnect and reconnect happen outside of business hours, you are responsible for all costs.

To arrange for your disconnect/reconnect, please  email or call our Customer Care Team: (519) 621-3530  or 1-877-871-2215