Residential and Small Commercial customers can choose to switch their Electricity Price Plan that best meets your needs - either Tiered or Time-of Use prices.

How does Tiered Pricing work?

With Tiered prices, you can use a certain amount of electricity each month at a lower price. Once that limit (called a threshold) is exceeded, a higher price applies. For residential customers, the threshold normally changes with the season to reflect changing usage patterns – for example, there are fewer hours of daylight in the winter and some customers use electric heating. 

In the winter period (November 1 – April 30), the Tier threshold for residential customers is 1,000 kWh so that households can use more power at the lower price.  In the the summer period (May 1 – October 31), the Tier threshold for residential customers is 600 kWh.  For small business customers, the Tier threshold is 750 kWh all year round.  

Tiered prices give you the flexibility to use electricity at any time of day at the same price, although that price will change if you exceed the threshold during the month. 

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Summer Tiered Thresholds Now in Effect May 1 to October 31, 2023