In order to sign up for My Account Online, the top of the bill shown below highlights some of the key information you will need to find on your most current hydro bill.        1) Account Number  2) Amount Due  3) Due Date

 sample EnergyPlus customer bill showing account number, amount due and due date fields










Every customer has a unique 10 digit account number. It is located at the top right hand side of your bill. For example, the Account Number on your bill may appear as 01234567-09. To make it easy, the system does not require you to enter the 0s at the front of the numbers. In this example, the customer would enter the following in the Account # field: 00000000-01.


The Amount Due is shown on the top right hand side of your bill. In this example the customer owes $146.89. So this customer would enter 146.09.  Do not enter the $ sign. 

Tip:  Some customers may have a credit balance showing in the Amount Due because they are on budget billing.  If the Amount Due is showing as a credit balance, then you would enter the amount due with a - in front of the balance, to indicate it is a credit balance.  For example if the customer had a credit balance of -$350.00 in their Amount Due box, they would enter -350.00.     


The Due Date of your latest bill (e.g. MM-DD-YYY). For Automatic Payment Plan customers, the Bill Due Date is the date your payment is withdrawn from the bank.