It is important that both the seller (Assignor) and purchaser (Assignee) of a property (and their legal representatives) are aware of the necessary steps required to reassign an existing microFIT Contract.

Steps to Reassign a Contract

There are several steps that the Seller and the Purchaser are required to complete in order to reassign the generation contract:

 1. Contact GrandBridge Energy

If you are the seller of the property (Assignor), you must contact GrandBridge Energy (formerly Energy+) to schedule a final meter read on the property and the existing generation (microFIT) account before the legal closing dateContact Us to arrange or complete the GrandBridge Energy Move Out Application form

If you are the purchaser (Assignee) of the property you must also contact GrandBridge Energy before the legal closing date to create two new accounts - a residential account and a generation account (microFIT). You can complete the New Application for Service form. The IESO will request the purchaser to provide both account numbers as part of the reassignment process.

 2. Contact the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO)

The purchaser of the property (the Assignee) must register for an IESO microFIT registrant ID and create an IESO online account

The purchaser (the Assignee) must provide their microFIT registrant ID and legal name to the seller. This step is between the two parties and does not involve GrandBridge Energy or the IESO.

If the seller (the Assignor) does not have access to the IESO online account (the contract was grandfathered from the former Ontario Power Authority), they will need to create an IESO online account before the contract can be reassigned.

 3. Submit Documents to GrandBridge Energy After the IESO Reassigns the Contract
The seller and purchaser will each be notified by the IESO that the contract has been executed and reassigned.

The purchaser (the Assignee) must complete and submit the following documents to us to activate the new generation account. Contact Customer Care if you have questions about completing and submitting these documents:

  • IESO Contract Novation Form (provided in the Assignee’s Beacon portal);
  • GrandBridge Energy Direct Deposit Form & Void cheque. *Please note that if there are two names on the legal contract with the IESO, then the bank account used for direct deposit must be a joint bank account. The responsibility is on the Assignee to provide proof of the joint account*;
  • GrandBridge Energy Appendix 6 HST Form. *This form is only required if you have registered an HST account with the government for tax purposes*;
  • GrandBridge Energy Appendix 2 Connection Agreement Form;
  • GrandBridge Energy Appendix 3 New Generation Account Form.

Helpful Links

The IESO has prepared some resources to help you understand the requirements and steps to reassign a microFIT contract:

 For the Seller

The current owner of the microFIT installation is referred to as the “Assignor” in the reassignment documentation.

 For the Purchaser
The party who is taking over the microFIT installation is referred to as the “Assignee” in the reassignment documentation.