Below are current rates for all Residential customers, effective November 1, 2022.

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Your electricity bill is made up of Electricity, Delivery (including transmission and distribution) and Regulatory charges. All other charges are collected on behalf of other parties. Our utility retains only the Monthly Service Charge and Local Distribution charge.

Electricity Charges

The Electricity charges (1) on your bill are based on the prices set by the Ontario Energy Board or based on a contract with a Retailer. Electricity charges are collected by our utility and paid directly to electricity suppliers.  Our utility does not keep any of these charges.

NEW!  Customer Choice in Electricity Regulated Price Plan 

Regulated Price Plan (RPP) - Time of Use Rates & Tiered Pricing Rates

As a residential customer, you are automatically part of the Regulated Price Plan (RPP) for the purchase of Electricity. This means you are charged a regulated price per kilowatt hour (kWh) for the electricity you use. RPP customers are classified as Standard Supply Service customers. RPP Prices are based on a 12-month forecast and are designed to provide stable and predictable electricity pricing, as well as ensure that the price consumers pay reflects the price Electricity to electricity generators. The Ontario Energy Board rates do include Global Adjustment Charges. The Ontario Energy Board reviews these electricity rates every 6 months. 

Time of Use Prices:  November 1 to April 30, 2023

Off-Peak 7.4¢/kWh   Mid-Peak 10.2¢/kWh   On-Peak 15.1¢/kWh

Tiered Prices:

First *1000 kWh/month block: 8.7¢/kWh, additional kWh's used over1000 kWh/month: 10.3¢ cents/kWh

For additional information on electricity time-of-use pricing and time periods, and tiered pricing, visit the Ontario Energy Board website

Learn more about Customer Choice in Electricity Price Plan  


Non-Regulated Price Plan

Customers have the option to purchase electricity from a Retailer and are considered to be a Non-Regulated Price Plan (Non-RPP) customer. Customers who have a contract with a Retailer will be billed the electricity rates established in the terms and conditions of the contract. The Retailer rates do not include Global Adjustment Charges.

GrandBridge Energy only invoices the amount as directed by the Retailer. Learn more about your rights when it comes to Retail Energy Contracts.


Table of Delivery Charges for Residents
Delivery Charge Cost $Per
Service Charge   29.78 Month
Smart Meter Entity (2)     0.43 Month
Rate Riders (Fixed) (2)     0.85 Month

Rate Riders (Variable) (2)

   (0.0014) kWh

Rate Rider for Disposition of Global Adjustment (for Non-RPP Customers) (2)

   (0.0016) kWh
Low Voltage Service Rate     0.0003 kWh
Provincial Network Transmission (1)     0.0087 kWh
Provincial Line & Transformation Connection (1)     0.0052 kWh
Table of Regulatory Charges for Residents
Regulatory ChargesCost $Per
Admin Fee - Standard Supply Service (3)           0.25     Month
Wholesale Market & RRRP (1)      0.0035 kWh
Capacity Based Recovery - Class B (1)      0.0004 kWh

Notes: (1) Amounts are based on electricity loss adjusted usage. Loss adjustment factor = 1.0307. Loss adjustment charges are included in the Delivery line on your bill.

(2) Details on the Rate Riders and Smart Metering Entity Charge are outlined in the Ontario Energy Board Final Rate Orders EB-2021-0018 effective January 1, 2022 and the Ontario Energy Board Interim Smart Meter Charge Order EB-2022-0137 effective May 1, 2022.

(3) This charge does not apply to customers with a Retailer Contract.

Table showing specific service charges
Type of ServiceAmount $
Arrears Certificate  15.00
Statement of account  15.00
Pulling post-dated cheques  15.00

Duplicate invoices for previous billing

Request for other billing information  15.00
Easement Letter  15.00
Income tax letter  15.00
Notification charge  15.00
Account history  15.00
Returned cheque (plus bank charges; HST exempt)   15.00
Charge to certify cheque  15.00
Legal letter charge  15.00

Account set up charge/change of occupancy charge

(plus credit agency costs if applicable)


Special meter reads


Meter dispute charge (plus Measurement Canada fees) (if meter found correct)


Credit reference/credit check (plus credit agency fees)


Late Payment per month 1.50% (effective annual rate 19.56% per annum or 0.04896% compounded daily rate)

Reconnection at Meter - during regular hours


Reconnection at Meter - after regular hours


Reconnection at Pole - during regular hours

Reconnection at Pole - after regular hours 415.00
Specific charge for access to power poles - $/pole/year  44.50

Service call - customer owned equipment

Service call - customer-owned equipment - after regular hours 165.00

Definitions and Explanations of Charges

Delivery Charge

Our utility delivers electricity to your home safely and reliably, but we do not generate it. Delivery charges are for the cost to bring electricity from generating stations across the Province to Energy+, through high voltage (transmission) and low voltage (distribution) power lines to your business, including the costs for system maintenance, storm restoration, operations and new connections. The delivery rate is approved by the Ontario Energy Board, and contains fixed and variable charges. The variable component of your delivery is calculated based on the total amount of electricity you used (kWh) during the billing period.

Monthly Service Charge

This is a fixed monthly charge that in part covers GrandBridge Energy Inc's (formerly Energy +) costs associated with operating the business.

Electricity Usage Adjustment Factor

An energy adjustment applied to the total amount of electricity use during the billing period to account for the line losses in the electricity system that are not measured by your meter. When electricity is delivered over a power line, it is normal for a small amount of power to be lost as heat. Line losses are unavoidable in the delivery of electricity. The adjustment factor is approved by the Ontario Energy Board and is reviewed regularly as part of the rate setting process.

Low Voltage Service Rate

The low voltage service charge covers the cost of connecting our distribution system to the distribution systems of other local distribution companies. This charge is applied against your total energy in kWh.

Rate Riders

Rate riders are temporary charges or credits that recover or refund costs for something that is temporary or caused by factors outside the utility's control.  These factors include, but are not limited to, the settlement of cost of power and global adjustment collection variances, and recovery of programs and processes mandated by the regulator or government.

Provincial Line & Transformation Connection

The transformation connection charge covers the cost of connecting our distribution system to Hydro One's transmission lines, as well as the cost of transforming electricity from high transmission voltages to lower voltages for distribution. This charge is collected on behalf of Hydro One.

Provincial Network Service

The network charge covers the cost of delivering the electricity from the generating stations to our region through Hydro One's transmission system. This charge is collected on behalf of Hydro One.

Smart Meter Entity

The charge covers the cost of services provided by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) for the implementation and operation of the Province's Meter Data Management Repository, which stores, validates and manages hourly electricity information transmitted by smart meters.

Regulatory Charges

Regulatory charges include the cost of services required to operate the electricity system and run the wholesale electricity market. The Ontario Energy Board sets these charges.

Wholesale Market Service 

The wholesale market service charge covers the cost of services provided by the IESO to operate the electricity market and maintain the reliability of the high voltage power grid and certain costs incurred by local utilities to connect renewable generation. The charge is set by the Ontario Energy Board to allow these costs to be passed onto customers.

Rural or Remote Electricity Rate Protection Charge (RRRP)

A program designed to provide financial assistance to eligible customers located in rural or remote areas where the costs of providing electricity service to these customers greatly exceeds the cost of providing electricity to customers located in towns and cities.

Admin Fee - Standard Supply Service

The standard supply administration fee covers a portion of our administrative costs to provide electricity to RPP customers who receive an invoice directly from the utility. This charge is set by the Ontario Energy Board and is the same for all utilities across the Province. This charge does not apply to customers with a Retailer Contract.

Capacity Based Recovery - Class B

The Capacity Based Recovery charge is applicable to customers that are not enrolled in the Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI), and recovers costs associated with contracted demand response providers active in the wholesale energy market.

Global Adjustment

Global Adjustment (GA) covers the cost of building new electricity infrastructure in the Province, maintaining existing resources, as well as providing conservation and demand management programs. Since electricity is bought and sold in a market where price varies by the hour, the market price can be lower or higher than the contract price. The Global Adjustment makes up for the gap between electricity prices and covers the costs related to the generation of electricity. For Regulated Price Plan (RPP) customers, the change is already reflected in the price for electricity set by the Ontario Energy Board, and is included in the "Electricity" line on your bill. For Retailer Contract customers, also known as Non-RPP customers, the charge is shown as a separate line item on the hydro bill.

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