In Ontario, electricity is produced from a number of sources. The Electricity Supply Mix is the combination of electricity consumed in Ontario in 2017 inclusive of both transmission and distribution-connected/embedded generation (Ontario Ministry of Energy).*

Electricity Supply Mix: 2017 Data 


Electricity Sources Ontario's Electricity Mix *
Water Power 25.6%
Alternative Power Sources:  9.8%
-Solar  2.2%
-Wind  7.2%
-Biomass  0.4%
-Waste  0.0%
Nuclear Energy 60.1%
Natural Gas **  4.0%
Other  0.3%

*Includes both transmission and distribution-connected/embedded) generation

**Includes duel-fuelled facilities that are predominantly natural gas (e.g. Lennox Generating Station)

Note: Figures may not add to 100% due to rounding. 

For a near real-time supply mix breakdown, please visit the Independent Electricity System Operator