My Account Online is a convenient, online service that lets you see your billing and energy information in one place, so you can better manage your hydro account and your consumption.  

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Tips To Help You Get Started

Read the following information to help you get starting using My Account Online:

  • Supported Browsers: Edge, Firefox 3.0 and above, Chrome and Safari (the "Block Pop-Up Windows" option in Safari's settings should be unchecked).
  • You will need to have your most current hydro bill in front of you in order to sign up, as you will need to enter your Account Number, Amount Due and Bill Due Date. See a sample GrandBridge Energy bill to better understand what information you will need to sign up.
  • Use your cursor to hover over the blue question mark boxes on the registration form, to accurately fill out information and prevent an error message when submitting your registration.
  • Remember to complete the registration process and activate your new online account, please read the email we send you and follow its instructions.
Account Number
When entering your Account Number, don't include any zeros at the beginning of your Account Number or occupant code. Example: Account Number 00001234-01 as it appears on your bill, where -01 represents the occupant code. The Account Number would be entered as 1234-1. Another example if the Account number is 64001234-00 you would enter 64001234-0.
Must be a minimum of 3 characters, and can include letters, numbers or any of these special characters ! @ # .  _  Your Username can not include any blank spaces or a $. Tip: Your email address will work as your Username.
My Account Online will use this email to send you the ebill and other emergency notifications, pre-set notifications/alerts or to reset your password.
It must be a minimum of 6 letters and 1 digit. The system identifies how robust the password is. Please write down your password as we cannot retrieve this information.
Security Question
Choose security questions from the drop down list. You will need to answer these questions correctly if you are resetting your password.
Security Answers
This is an authentication measure used to protect your Account. Your answer does not have to necessarily reflect the security question.
Amount Due
Enter the Amount Due showing on your latest hydro bill. Tip: Amount Due is located on the top right hand side of the bill. Example: $1,235.98  Enter as 1235.98.  If you have a Credit Balance in your Amount Due then enter as -1235.98.  Include a - in front of the amount to indicate a credit balance.
Bill Due Date
The Due Date of your latest bill (e.g. MM-DD-YYY). For Automatic Payment Plan customers, the Bill Due Date is the date your payment is withdrawn from the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Here are answers to some commonly-asked questions from customers about My Account Online.

How do I link my other GrandBridge Energy (formerly Energy+) accounts together?
You can register all of your accounts under the same email address by linking them. To link your accounts, you must have one account registered in My Account Online. Once you've registered the first account, simply sign in and click on the Link Account/Location button (it looks like two people heads in the extreme top right hand corner of the main page) and follow the instructions to link your other accounts. Once the accounts have been linked, you can toggle between the accounts by clicking "Switch Accounts" at the bottom of the screen.
When I view my electricity usage, where is the data coming from?
The provincial Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) manages the central Meter Data Management / Repository (MDM/R). Hourly data is transmitted to the MDM/R. The software is connected to the MDM/R, which allows it to display electricity usage.
When I go online, why can I only see my usage up to the prior day?
Your data is updated each day at midnight. It is "near time", which means that we can access your hourly data up to midnight each day.
Why are some days missing from my hourly usage dashboard?
The hourly electricity usage reads are sent using wireless technology, similar to a cell phone signal. With wireless technology it sometimes takes time for the signal to react and populate the hourly data.
Is there any chance that other people could see my hourly electricity use data or my eBill?
No. The software has safety measures in place to ensure your data stays private and secure.
Who can I contact if I have problems registering or signing in?
Please contact our Customer Care department by email weekdays between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm.
Can I set up my Business account on My Account Online?
Yes. Business accounts can create a My Account Online account. Small businesses can view daily consumption and register for e-billing. Larger businesses (greater than 50 kW) can create a My Account Online account for the purpose of receiving e-bill. However to view consumption, large customers must have access to the Large Customer Energy Portal.
Why can't I download my eBill using Safari browser? 
To download eBills using Safari, please ensure the "Block Pop-Up Windows" option in Safari's settings unchecked.