COVID-19 virus illustration

A Message from Ian Miles, President and CEO

Details about actions Energy+ has taken to ensure continuity of the flow of power – an essential service for our residents, businesses and communities. The Energy+ team is strong. We are prepared to act in emergencies. Taking action in emergencies is one of our team’s greatest strengths. 

We have taken additional measures to safeguard the continuity of our infrastructure, business processes and the health of our employees and communities including:

  • Following all public health guidelines, protocols for social distancing best practices.
  • Closing all Energy+ buildings to the public and non-essential visitors.
  • Redeploying employees to work remotely, or in separate locations.
  • Embracing new technologies, software, tools and equipment to ensure our team continue to provide essential services to you, without interruption.
  • Field staff are performing maintenance and upgrade work in the communities but are not entering customers’ premises.
  • Setting up a second temporary System Control Room.
  • Setting up additional locations for Operations crews for enhanced physical distancing.

When you read the headlines, watch the news, see the temporary closure of businesses and layoffs, based on the emergency provincial measures put in place, we know many families and businesses are struggling financially and personally.

For that reason, effective April 1st, late payment charges will not be charged on outstanding customer balances, until further notice.  Our Customer Care team is available to discuss flexible payment arrangements and electricity support programs, so you have some peace of mind today.  The Ontario Energy Board has reduced the cost of Time-of-Use On-Peak and Mid-Peak rates to the Off-Peak rate for 24/7, until May 7th.  Service disconnections for Residential and Small Volume customers has been suspended until after July 31st.  We encourage customers juggling their finances to call and work through a payment arrangement, to help keep on track.

You will see our crews and technicians working out in our communities to support essential customer and community projects.  Please give a nod or wave, but continue to do your part to stem the spread of the virus, by maintaining a physical distance.

It is inevitable that we will face uncertainty and challenges in the coming days, but we are in this together. We will do everything in our power to ensure that you have the power that you need to keep your families and businesses going.

Updates will continue to be shared on our website and through social media channels Twitter and Facebook.

On behalf of everyone at Energy+, please take care and stay safe.


Ian Miles, President and CEO