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Don't let capital costs deter you from investing and participating in a retrofit. The RETROFIT PROGRAM provides incentives that help you install and benefit from newer, more energy-efficient solutions.

  • Respond to growing market pressures and increased global competition
  • Operate as efficiently as possible and improve your bottom line

Earn Back Up to 50% of Your Project Costs

The RETROFIT PROGRAM provides substantial financial incentives for the improvement of important systems, such as lighting, motors, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, compressed air and improvements in your building envelope - areas where today's organizations stand to benefit the most.

We Can Help

We can assess various energy-efficiency measures for your building, equipment and operational practices and provide financial incentives if you move forward with implementation. In some cases, electricity costs are noticeable almost immediately and can remain in effect for many years.

Get Your Savings Started

We're here to help with the pre-approval process so your project can move ahead as soon as possible. Whether your project is Prescriptive or Custom, you'll find plenty of available incentives.

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