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The refreshing pool upgrade that SAVES!

The Poolsaver Program allows pool owners to receive a $400 instant rebate when you upgrade your constant-speed pool pump to a variable-speed pool pump.  The rebate will be applied at the time of purchase. 

Benefits for Pool Owners

  1. Use up to 90% less electricity - A variable-speed pump runs at a fraction of the speed, using only the electricity needed for the job.
  2. Quick payback - With rebates and ongoing electricity savings, it can pay for itself in just 2-3 years.
  3. Quieter operation - Near-silent performance will keep your poolside peaceful.
  4. Lasts longer - Not running a pump at full speed, 24/7 will help keep equipment lasting longer.
  5. More environmentally friendly - Upgrading is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Cost Comparison


Constant speed pump*

Variable-speed pump*

Ticket price $450 (no rebate) $800 ($400 rebate)
Annual energy consumption (kWh) 2,196 434
Average annual electricity cost $369 $73
Total cost over 10 years $3,690 $730

That's $2,960 saved in electricity costs over 10 years


Payback is 2.7 years

(1.2 years if replacing a failed pump)

For illustrative purposes only.  Payback period will vary depending on model selected,  Based on $0.17/kWh, operating 16 hours per day.


Participants must:

  • be a single family residential customer of Energy+ Inc.;
  • own an in ground swimming pool with a constant-speed pool pump motor;
  • purchase and install a qualifying variable-speed pool pump from a participating pool pump vendor;
  • have the variable-speed pool pump installed by the participating Vendor or the Vendor's contracted installer

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