County of Brant

Energy+ is responsible for reading water meters, billing and collecting of water and wastewater charges, on behalf of the County of Brant.

The County of Brant sets the water and wastewater fees annually. Learn more about these rates (under Public Works/Infrastructure).  In addition, Energy+ may charge additional fees, as requested by The County of Brant, pertaining to scheduled interruptions of services for non-payment.  A $200 deposit is required when opening a new application, unless a customer provides proof of good payment history, or letter of reference from another utility. If you are a low-income customer, you are still obliged to pay a water deposit. FAQs about Water/Wastewater

After-Hours County of Brant Water Emergencies  (519) 449-2451 or 1-888-250-2295

County of Brant Water Notices       Privacy Consent Form - County of Brant Municipal Water and Wastewater Services 

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City of Cambridge

The City of Cambridge reads customer water meters and bill water/wastewater directly. Phone: (519) 740-4524. Contact the City of Cambridge by email or visit the City of Cambridge website.

Township of North Dumfries

The Region of Waterloo reads customer water meters and bill water/wastewater directly. Phone: (519) 575-4490. Contact the Region by email or visit the Region of Waterloo website.