Energy+ business customers are billed according to their rate classification, which is determined by the amount of electricity that is consumed monthly and the service size.

*Note: If you currently purchase electricity through a Retail Energy Contractor, you will continue to follow the terms and price as set out in your contract. The Ontario Energy Board requires that we include the Retail Contractor name and toll-free contact number on the face of your bill.*

 Small Businesses

Current rates and charges for Small Commercial customers (effective January 1, 2021)

Previous electricity rates for Small Commercial customers

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 Large Businesses

Most large business customers - commercial, industrial, institutional and farming enterprises - are included in the General Service class, broken down into three (3) classes based on monthly demand.

Recovery of Deferred Global Adjustment (GA) charges over 12 months, starting January 1, 2021.

Current rates and charges by customer class (effective November 1, 2020):

  1. Commercial - monthly demand greater than 50kW up to 999kW
  2. Large Commercial - monthly demand greater than 1,000 up to 4,999kW
  3. Industrial - monthly demand greater than 5,000 kW

  Previous electricity rates for Commercial, Large Commercial and Industrial customers

 Streetlight, Sentinel, Unmetered Scattered Load

Current rates and charges for Streetlight, Sentinel, Unmetered Scattered Load (effective November 1, 2020)

Previous electricity rates for Streetlight, Sentinel and Unmetered Scattered Load

MicroFIT Generation

Current rates and charges for MicroFIT Generation Accounts