Below are current rates for all GrandBridge Energy (formerly Energy+) Small Commercial customers, effective January 1, 2024. 

View Current Rates for Small Commercial customers as of January 1, 2024

Previous Small Business Rates. 

Your electricity bill is made up of Electricity, Delivery (including transmission and distribution charges) and Regulatory charges. All but the distribution charges are collected on behalf of other parties. Our utility retains only the Monthly Service Charge and Local Distribution charge.   

Small business customers can choose to switch between Time-of-Use (TOU) and Tiered price plans. More information on Customer Choice in Electricity Regulated Price Plan

Electricity Charges

The Electricity charges (1) on your bill are based on the prices set by the Ontario Energy Board or based on a contract with a Retailer. Electricity charges are collected by Energy+ and paid directly to electricity suppliers. Our utility does not keep any of these charges.

Regulated Price Plan (RPP) Time of Use Rates & Tiered Pricing Rates

As a small commercial customer, you are automatically part of the Regulated Price Plan (RPP) for the purchase of Electricity. This means you are charged a regulated price per kilowatt hour (kWh) for the electricity you use. RPP customers are classified as Standard Supply Service customers. RPP Prices are based on a 12-month forecast and are designed to provide stable and predictable electricity pricing, as well as ensure that the price consumers pay reflects the price Electricity to electricity generators. The Ontario Energy Board rates include Global Adjustment Charges. The Ontario Energy Board reviews these electricity rates every 6 months.

Time of Use Prices:  November 1, 2023 to April 30, 2024

Off-Peak 7.4¢/kWh   Mid-Peak 10.2¢/kWh   On-Peak 15.1¢/kWh

Tiered Prices:

First *750 kWh/month block: 8.7¢/kWh, additional kWh's used over 750 kWh/month: 10.3¢ cents/kWh

For additional information on electricity time-of-use pricing and time periods, and tiered pricing, visit the Ontario Energy Board website

Learn more about Customer Choice in Electricity Price Plan

Non-Regulated Price Plan

Customers have the option to purchase electricity from a Retailer and are considered to be a Non-Regulated Price Plan (Non-RPP) customer. Customers who have a contract with a Retailer will be billed the electricity rates established in the terms and conditions of the contract. The Retailer rates do not include Global Adjustment Charges.

GrandBridge Energy only invoices the amount as directed by the Retailer. Learn more about your rights when it comes to Retail Energy Contracts.