Below is our current Delivery Charge for MicroFIT Generation customers, as of January 1, 2022.

Many home, farm and small business owners have installed "green" energy technology to generate their own electricity, reduce their monthly costs and provide environmental benefits.

Electricity Credit

Under the IESO Feed-in Tariff Programs, customers enter into a contract and are paid a guaranteed price for the electricity that their renewable project generates and feeds back to the Province's electricity distribution system. About Renewable Energy Generation

Delivery Charge for MicroFIT
Type of ChargeAmountFrequency
Delivery Service Charge  $4.55 Month
Specific Service Charges
Type of Service ChargeAmount
Arrears Certificate $15.00
Statement of account 15.00
Pulling post-dated cheques 15.00

Duplicate invoices for previous billing

Request for other billing information 15.00
Easement Letter 15.00
Income tax letter 15.00
Notification charge 15.00
Account history 15.00
Returned cheque (plus bank charges; HST exempt)  15.00
Charge to certify cheque 15.00
Legal letter charge 15.00

Account set up charge/change of occupancy charge

(plus credit agency costs if applicable)


Special meter reads


Meter dispute charge (if meter found correct; plus Measurement Canada fees)


Credit reference/credit check (plus credit agency fees)


Late Payment per month 1.50% (effective annual rate 19.56% per annum or 0.04896% compounded daily rate)

Reconnection at Meter - during regular hours


Reconnection at Meter - after regular hours


Reconnection at Pole - during regular hours

Reconnection at Pole - after regular hours 415.00
Specific charge for access to power poles - $/pole/year  44.50

Service call - customer owned equipment

Service call - customer-owned equipment - after regular hours 165.00