Below are the current rates for Energy+ Commercial, Large Commercial & Industrial customers effective January 1, 2024

The electricity bill is made up of Electricity, Delivery (including transmission and distribution charges) and Regulatory charges. GrandBridge Energy retains only the Monthly Service Charge and Local Distribution charge.  All other charges are collected on behalf of other parties.  

Commercial and industrial customers are billed according to their rate classification, which is determined by the amount of electricity that is consumed monthly, and their demand.

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Previous electricity rates for Commercial, Large Commercial and Industrial customers.

Electricity Charges

The Electricity charges (1) on your bill will be based on prices set by spot market pricing through the Independent Electricity System Operator, the Ontario Energy Board or based on a contract with a Retailer. Electricity charges are collected by GrandBridge Energy and paid directly to electricity suppliers. The utility does not keep any of these charges.

IESO Spot Market Price

Customers with an interval meter pay the Hourly Ontario Energy Price, also known as the spot market price for their electricity, plus Global Adjustment Charges. The Spot price is determined by matching supply with Ontario's demand for electricity in the real-time market operated by the Independent Electrical System Operator (IESO). In Ontario, all electricity rates reflect the wholesale electricity price in some way. The wholesale price of electricity is dynamic − changing hourly based on demand and the availability of supply. Factors impacting demand include consumer behaviour, weather, time of day, day of the week, as well as economic conditions.

Customers without an interval meter pay the Weighted Average Hourly Price (WAP) for their electricity.

OEB Regulated Price Plan (RPP)

The Ontario Energy Board issues electricity rates under the Regulated Price Plan (RPP) under two pricing models: Tiered and Time-of-Use. The Ontario Energy Board rates include Global Adjustment Charges. The Ontario Energy Board reviews the rates every 6 months on May 1 and November 1.  

Time of Use Prices:  November 1, 2023 to April 30, 2024

On-Peak: 18.2¢/kWh

Mid-Peak: 12.2¢/kWh

Off-Peak: 8.7¢/kWh

Tiered Prices:

First 750 kWh/month block: 10.3¢/kWh, additional kWh's used over 750 kWh/month: 12.5¢/kWh

For additional information on electricity time-of-use pricing and time periods, and tiered pricing, visit the Ontario Energy Board website

Non-Regulated Price Plan (Retailer Contract)
Customers also have the option to purchase electricity from an electricity Retailer. If a consumer signs a retail contract, they elect to pay a fixed rate that is independent of the RPP pricing and Spot Market price. These customers will also pay the Global Adjustment in addition to the rate of their retail contract.