New and Upgraded Services

If you are looking to upgrade your existing electrical service, relocate your service, or start a new build the terms and conditions for GrandBridge Energy's (formerly Energy+ Inc.) servicing are outlined in the below resources for your information.  

Conditions of Service, effective June 1, 2023

Economic Evaluation Policy, effective June 1, 2023

Metering Specifications, effective June 1, 2023

Subdivision Servicing Specification Book - Material and Construction Specifications

Map of our Service Area

For information on installing temporary services and isolating your existing electrical service, please contact our Service Coordinator at (519) 621-3530 or toll free at 1-877-871-2215 ext. 2410, or by Email

Submit a Service Request

If you have a panel change, meter base change, or meter repair with no upgrades or relocations you DO NOT require a layout. Please contact our Customer Service Department to schedule an appointment. 

If this is for servicing a development in which you have a Subdivision Agreement with GrandBridge Energy you DO NOT require a layout. Please contact our Inspector or Legal Coordinator for more information. 

Complete this Service Layout Application Form for the following:

  • Service Upgrade
  • New Build/Service
  • Temporary Service
  • Service Change 
  • Meter Base Relocation
  • Generator/Transfer Switch Installation - (*Please visit our Generator Installation web page for more information on GrandBridge Energy's Generlink Meter Socket Plug-In Transfer Devices policy.) 
  • Streetlights

*If your request is for a service size over 200A please fill out a Load Estimate Form and submit with your Service Request Form. 

An email confirmation will be issued once the request has been received by the Engineering Department. If you have not received one within 48 business hours, contact the Engineering Services Team. 

Please note, Service Layouts take approximately three weeks from the date the request has been received by GrandBridge Energy. The layout will be emailed to the electrician and/or customer once completed by our Service Technologists. A Technologist will be in contact with you if they require more information and/or a site visit. Once the layout has been sent to you, please follow the steps indicated in the layout notes for servicing.

Station Isolation Request

If you require a primary/substation isolation outage for maintenance, please complete and submit the Station Isolation Request Form. A GrandBridge Energy Customer Service representative will contact you to confirm the date and time of your appointment.

A minimum of two (2) weeks of lead time for isolation requests is required. Please note that we require a minimum of two business days' notice when cancelling an isolation.


We have requirements for metering equipment installation. Customers and/or their Electrician/Contractor are responsible to familiarize themselves with these specifications. We reserve the right to refuse to energize any part of the electrical plant that does not conform to these specifications. We assume no responsibility whatsoever for the cost of repairs, or delays in energizing the system incurred as a result of disregarding these specifications.

Read our Metering Specifications, effective June 1, 2023


If you are interest in building a new solar project, please see our Renewable Energy Generation web page. For more information, you can contact our Engineering Department (519) 621-3530, ext. 2414 or Email