We are happy to arrange the start, stop or move of your business electrical service.

Personal information about the business is collected, retained and disclosed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.  The terms and conditions for service are outlined in detail in our Conditions of Service.

Start - Open New Business Account
 To set up your new business account, we need the following:
  • Service address and date your new business account is required. Two business days are needed to set up your new account.
  • Letter of reference (for the same business name) from a Canadian electricity/gas distributor (min. of 3 or 7 years of good payment history required, depending on the service classification)
  • Articles of Incorporation, or a local business license
  • Load Estimate - your electrical contractor can help or Contact Us
  • Signed form for Automatic Payment Plan form (options), and      

A security deposit as outlined in our Conditions of Service, OR GrandBridge Energy will obtain a credit check on the business name (depending on the class), and bill the account for the fee from a credit reporting agency (e.g. Equifax) to identify whether the business meets Good Payment History and/or a reduction of required security deposit.

An Account Set Up fee of $30.00 plus HST will appear on your first bill.

Security Deposit
We apply security deposits to all non-residential customers, regardless of rate class or owner/tenant status, except those customers who meet certain conditions as outlined below. Deposits are based on 2.5 months of service at the property or based on another account operating as a similar business of equal size. You can also provide an automatically-renewing, irrevocable letter of credit from a bank, as defined in the Bank Act, 1991, c.46, at the discretion of the customer. Service will be withheld for non-payment of the security deposit.

Deposits on commercial accounts and farm accounts are held for 3 years of good payment history and industrial deposits are held for 7 years of good payment history. On the last business day of each year, interest incurred from the deposit, is applied to your account.

Upon annual review of your business deposit, an increase or decrease may be applied to your account based on 12 months of consumption.

Waiving a Security Deposit
A security deposit may be waived subject to the following conditions:
  1. Good payment history (min. 3 years) with GrandBridge Energy (or Energy+ Inc., Brant County Power Inc., Cambridge and North Dumfries Hydro Inc., Brantford Power)
  2. Proof of good payment history (min. 3 or7 years with a Canadian electricity/gas distributor, depending on the class)
  3. Credit check in the business name - obtained by GrandBridge Energy for a fee from a credit reporting agency (e.g. Equifax)
Stop Business Account
If you are closing or relocating your business outside of Cambridge, the Township of North Dumfries, the County of Brant or Brantford, please Contact Us, at least 2 business days in advance, to arrange for your service to be stopped. We will arrange for a final meter reading and obtain delivery details for your final bill.