Energy+'s Vision is to be the energy company most admired for its innovative people, reliable service and outstanding performance.

Our Mission
A team dedicated to providing ideas, solutions and value-added services that benefit our customers and stakeholders.
Our Core Values
Employees strive to demonstrate trust, integrity and respect in everything they do. Our actions demonstrate our commitment to living the following principles:

Customer Focused - We are dedicated to providing excellent services and solutions to our customers, both anticipating and responding to customer needs.

Teamwork, Dialogue and Collaboration - We are a strong, united team of highly skilled professionals, providing reliable electricity to our customers. We actively engage each other in dialogue, listening first, to build shared understanding. We support and respect each other's work and contributions.

Safety and Wellness - We take responsibility for our personal safety, the safety of each other, and the safety of our customers and communities. We encourage and promote wellness at work, at home and in the communities we serve.

Community - We are proud contributors to the communities we serve, improving the quality of life through our leadership and volunteer efforts.

Accountability - We take responsibility and are accountable for doing what we say we will do.

Innovation - We support, encourage and recognize innovative ideas that lead to better solutions.

Environmental Stewardship - We are careful and responsible users of all resources.