Our mission is to provide ideas, solutions and value-added services that benefit our customers, stakeholders and communities. One of the ways that we will achieve this goal is by systematically upgrading older areas of our electrical distribution system.

For more information on any projects in our communities, or if you would like the information in another format, please feel free to  email our Engineering Team.

Projects in the City of Cambridge

Creekside Road Rebuild

Streets: Boychuck Drive and Maple Grove Road (between Cherry Blossom Road)

Timing: December 2019 to July 2020


South Boundary Road Pole Relocation

Streets: Highway 24 for new roundabout

Timing: January to March 2020

Projects in the Township of North Dumfries

 No projects underway or planned.

Projects in the County of Brant

Rebuild and Upgrade Overhead Line 

Streets: Ellis Avenue from Highway 24 to Dead-End - 1.8km 

Timing: Mid-March 2020 to end May 2020


Emergency Notifications **Medic Alert Customers**

For some of our customers, a power interruption may mean they need to make back-up plans to ensure equipment important to their well being keeps working. Sometimes the power supply is affected by unplanned interruptions outside of our control, such as extreme weather, vehicle accidents or equipment failure. Other times outages are due to planned maintenance and repair work. Where possible, we will try to contact customers who need electricity for medical reasons, to notify them of the outage. If the length of an outage will be extreme, these customers may need to make other arrangements.

If you would like your name added to our list of contact names and telephone numbers for those that rely on electrical medical equipment for their personal well being, please call our Customer Care Team:

(519) 621-3530 - customers in the City of Cambridge, the Township of North Dumfries

(519) 442-2215 or 1-877-871-2215 - customers in the County of Brant