Electricity Distributors Association (EDA)

The Electricity Distributors Association (EDA) represents local hydro utilities including Energy+, the part of our electricity system that is closest to customers. The Electricity Distributors Association (EDA) is a crucial source of information and helpful advice for government - and are essential partners in delivering on a commitment to reduce hydro rates, reduce energy red tape, and to customers with a modern and reliable hydro system that works for them.

Grand River Energy Solutions

Grand River Energy Solutions Corp. (GRE) is a joint venture owned by the three utility holding companies; Cambridge and North Dumfries Energy Plus Inc., Kitchener Power Corp. and Waterloo North Hydro Holding Corporation. The mission of the generation and renewable energy solutions company is to help high energy load organizations reach their energy management goals, by providing access to advanced energy technology solutions, through tapping into the benefits of clean energy technology.

When your business is considering an Advanced Energy Technology Solution, it’s always important to hire the right team. GRE provides full turn-key solutions, including design, procurement, installation and service for the following technologies:

  • Solar Net Metering
  • Virtual Net Metering
  • Energy Storage
  • Sub Metering
  • Electrical Vehicle Charging
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Email:  info@grecorp.ca    Telephone:  (519) 717-5434

GridSmartCity Cooperative

Energy+ is a proud member of the GridSmartCity Cooperative.  It's a membership we share with 14 like-minded electricity distributors, representing over 737,500 customers and $2.7B in total assets in 25 Ontario communities.  

The Cooperative works collectively on mutual priorities, sharing resources, insights and systems in several key areas.  The joint initiatives and collective purchasing power help run smarter utilities, while advancing innovation, reliability and efficiency across Ontario's electricity grid. 

Utilities Standards Forum (USF)

Utilities Standards Forum (USF) is a non-profit, volunteer based corporation owned by 54 Ontario electricity distributor members.  It is where member representatives network, share best practices and troubleshoot on common challenges. It provides the opportunity to share the cost of engaging subject matter experts, and develop common templates, processes and tools.