We understand the importance of keeping your privacy protected at all times.  It is important to us that you understand why we collect information about you, what we do with it, how we look after it, and how we dispose of it when we no longer need to have it.

We also have a Privacy Officer, whose job is to make sure that all employees, and any third parties we have hired to work for us, follow the same privacy rules and protect your privacy at all times.

 To see all the ways we use your information, and for further details on our privacy commitment to you, visit our Privacy Policy.  We also encourage you to review our online Terms of Use, before you use the many features and tools on our  website.

What we collect

When you open an account with us, we will ask you for different kinds of information about you. These include:

  • Your name and address
  • Your phone number and email address
  • Address where service is needed (if different from the address where you live)
  • Your date of birth
  • The name and information details about an additional person to be added to the account
  • Banking information
  • The name of any third party that you want to have access to the account

We ask for your name and address, contact phone numbers and email address so we can send you bills for the services we provide and so we can get in touch with you if we need to.

We ask for your date of birth as your unique identifier to prove your identity.

We ask for the name and contact details for any second individual that should added to the account for billing purposes.

We ask for the name and contact details for any additional individuals you want authorized to discuss your account.  For example, snowbirds will sometimes add an individual to the account, in the event we are not able to make contact with the account holder(s).

We will also ask if you are an Owner or Tenant.  This helps us when you move out, if there is no one scheduled to move in, to look for an owner’s blanket authorization to change the account back to the Owner, or deliver a notice to the property.

And, we only ask for banking information if you want to sign up for a pre-authorized payment plan.

How we use your information

Once we have these facts about you, we open your account. The only people at GrandBridge Energy who see your information are those employees who need to see it to do their jobs. All employees who work with customers’ information have been trained and understand the privacy rules and why they are important.

Your information is protected while it is with us. If we have paper files about you, they are stored in locked filing cabinets. If the information is electronic, it is protected by security firewalls. Employees who need to see it must log in with a secure username and password.

If we hire an outside company to do work for us, we make sure that company understands our privacy rules and why they are important. Anyone doing work for us, who does not work at Energy+, has to sign a contract that includes their abiding by privacy and confidentiality rules as part of the agreement. Those companies and organizations only see the information they need to do the job we have hired them to do.

For example, we work with our Customer Information System  (CIS) software provider to deliver updates to the software and make changes to ensure we meet regulatory changes.  Energy+ has strict protocols before the software provider is provided access to make changes to the system, and the agreement includes confidentiality, privacy language to safeguard our customers information.

To see all the ways we use your information, and for further details on our privacy commitment to you, please visit our Privacy Policy.

Disposing of personal information

If you close your account with us, we have to keep the information about your file for a number of years, as set out by our energy regulator and our records retention schedule. Once that time is up, we dispose of your information in ways that mean no one else can see it or use it again. Paper files are shredded securely; electronic files are disposed of in compliance with our security policy.

If you have any questions about these privacy standards, or about your information in particular, please contact our privacy officer:

  • By telephone: 519-621-3530 Extension 2440
  • In writing: Privacy Officer, GrandBridge Energy Inc. P.O. Box 1060, 1500 Bishop Street, Cambridge, Ontario N1R 5X6
  • By email: