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Proposed Updates to GrandBridge Energy's Conditions of Service

Posted on Monday, March 20, 2023 02:14 PM

As a licensed distributor of electricity, GrandBridge Energy's Conditions of Service describe and guide how the utility does business in the communities, including operating practices, connection policies, types and levels of service that are available to customers and other stakeholders.  

GrandBridge Energy (formerly Energy+ and Brantford Power) is proposing to introduce updates to its Conditions of Service, effective June 1, 2023.


Posted on Thursday, March 16, 2023 02:55 PM

Select GrandBridge Energy (Energy+) as the Bill Payee for Online Payments

If you pay your bill online through your financial institution, pleaseselect GrandBridge Energy (Energy+)as the bill payee and include your current account information.DO NOT SELECT (Brantford Power).We are working closely with financial institutions to ensure a consistent solution. If you are unsure, please contact the Customer Care Team at (519) 621-3530 or 1-877-871-2215. 

Customer Care Centre (Cambridge) Has Moved


Notice for Electricity Distribution Rate Change EB-2022-0305

Posted on Friday, March 03, 2023 02:36 PM

GrandBridge Energy Inc. has submitted an incentive rate-setting mechanism (IRM) Application (Phase 2) to its regulator for the disposal of certain deferral and variance account balances. The rates will be effective upon approval of the application, for a 12 month period.

View the OEB Notice of Hearing and Procedural Order No.1 EB-2022-0305 (.PDF)

View GrandBridge Energy Inc.’s 2023 IRM Distribution Rate Application (Phase 2) EB-2022-0305 (.PDF)

Learn More – Follow the Progress of the Rate...

OEB Approves GrandBridge Energy IRM Rate Application (EB-2022-0017)

Posted on Friday, December 09, 2022 04:13 PM

The Ontario Energy Board has approved GrandBridge Energy Inc. incentive rate-setting mechanism (IRM) application for new electricity distribution rates, effective January 1, 2023.

View Current Electricity Rates, effective January 1, 2023.

View the Final Approved OEB Decision & Rate Order (EB-2022-0017) (.PDF)

Visit our Regulatory Affairs webpage for additional details on active rate applications.

Powerline crews with Conestoga College representatives in front of vehicles

GrandBridge Energy Donates Utility Vehicles to Conestoga Powerline Technician Program

Posted on Tuesday, December 06, 2022 01:12 PM

Cambridge, ON (December 6, 2022) - GrandBridge Energy is shining a spotlight on the Conestoga College Powerline Technician Program with the donation of three used utility vehicles to enhance the college's fleet of training vehicles used to enrich student learning. Representatives from GrandBridge Energy's Operations Team, including GrandBridge Energy Apprentice Powerline Technicians, were on hand in Ingersoll to hand over the keys to the three vehicles. 

As part of GrandBridge Energy's practice...